Famous Hat Brands (2)


The world famous Gentlemen’s Hatter has had a presence on London’s Jermyn Street since 1898.

Bates, which was founded by Edward Bates in 1898, is a family business for more than a hundred years. It’s a small hat store on London’s Jermaine Street, a low-key store in the world, less famous than Lock,several years ago, and forced to find the right store and close the expensive rent.

The Bates, smell but excellent, with a full range of styles, ranging from plain flat-top hats to the most formal top hats, premium smoking hats, and top-grade Panamanian hats, where you can find almost all the styles you want.

Bates is one of my favorite hat stores. I didn’t find my favorite hat at Lock, but here I found several of my favorite Flat Cap with excellent quality and excellent details.

④ Stetson

Founded in 1865, Stetson is the symbol of American Independence, the oldest cowboy hat brand (Cowboy hats), and the largest hat manufacturer in the United States.

Over the past few years, Stetson’s Fedora and Newsboy’s newsboy hat have made great development.Stetson’s Fedora has its own style, the brim is mostly larger, hat crown is slightly larger than Europe, looks very similar with American outdoor.

Stetson’s newsboy hat and British flat-top hat (Flat Cap) use different fabrics and styles, have their own style. Although the British flat hat is used for outdoor hunting in the countryside, but it looks pretty elegant.

⑤ Borsalino

When it comes to hats, the old Italian brand Borsalino is an irrevocable brand.

Borsalino is the oldest Italian company specializing in the manufacture of luxury hats. Since 1857, the manufacture has been based in Alessandria, Piedmont. The founder, Giuseppe Borsalino, is remembered for creating a particular model of felt hat that has come to be known eponymously as a “borsalino”.

The Giuseppe Borsalino (Giuseppe Bossano returned to Italy after studying in Paris for seven years and opened his first studio with his brother in Alessandria (Alexandria) in north-west Italy. Giuseppe Borsalino then steals while visiting the Battersby Hat Factory in London in 1897, secretly bringing home the skills of making a domed hat, which Borsalino had a record of producing 2 million hats a year in the 1920s.

The most famous hat is that Fedora,which was once highly popular,and also appeared in many early films,received a lot of celebrity,celebrity blessing, and even some hat companies named their own company’s Fedora hat directly after Borsalino.

“Borsalino”, starring Alan Delon and Jean Paul Belmondo (Belmondo in 1970, and the 1974 sequel, “Borsalino & Co.,” came out further. Borsalino’s hat became famous.

Borsalino’s hats are stylish, with excellent fabric, mellow colors and ribbons, and are popular with stylish people. Only this brand is now on the luxury line, it is more expensive.

I’ve seen a video of Borsalino’s hat making, and there’s a lot of manual stuff. On the one hand, it’s probably because the machines and equipment and the big factories like Christys,Stetson look like they used to be made of earthen steel-making, but the quality of that stuff is really good.

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