Famous Hat Brands (2)


The world famous Gentlemen’s Hatter has had a presence on London’s Jermyn Street since 1898.

Bates, which was founded by Edward Bates in 1898, is a family business for more than a hundred years. It’s a small hat store on London’s Jermaine Street, a low-key store in the world, less famous than Lock,several years ago, and forced to find the right store and close the expensive rent.

The Bates, smell but excellent, with a full range of styles, ranging from plain flat-top hats to the most formal top hats, premium smoking hats, and top-grade Panamanian hats, where you can find almost all the styles you want.

Bates is one of my favorite hat stores. I didn’t find my favorite hat at Lock, but here I found several of my favorite Flat Cap with excellent quality and excellent details.

④ Stetson

Founded in 1865, Stetson is the symbol of American Independence, the oldest cowboy hat brand (Cowboy hats), and the largest hat manufacturer in the United States.

Over the past few years, Stetson’s Fedora and Newsboy’s newsboy hat have made great development.Stetson’s Fedora has its own style, the brim is mostly larger, hat crown is slightly larger than Europe, looks very similar with American outdoor.

Stetson’s newsboy hat and British flat-top hat (Flat Cap) use different fabrics and styles, have their own style. Although the British flat hat is used for outdoor hunting in the countryside, but it looks pretty elegant.

⑤ Borsalino

When it comes to hats, the old Italian brand Borsalino is an irrevocable brand.

Borsalino is the oldest Italian company specializing in the manufacture of luxury hats. Since 1857, the manufacture has been based in Alessandria, Piedmont. The founder, Giuseppe Borsalino, is remembered for creating a particular model of felt hat that has come to be known eponymously as a “borsalino”.

The Giuseppe Borsalino (Giuseppe Bossano returned to Italy after studying in Paris for seven years and opened his first studio with his brother in Alessandria (Alexandria) in north-west Italy. Giuseppe Borsalino then steals while visiting the Battersby Hat Factory in London in 1897, secretly bringing home the skills of making a domed hat, which Borsalino had a record of producing 2 million hats a year in the 1920s.

The most famous hat is that Fedora,which was once highly popular,and also appeared in many early films,received a lot of celebrity,celebrity blessing, and even some hat companies named their own company’s Fedora hat directly after Borsalino.

“Borsalino”, starring Alan Delon and Jean Paul Belmondo (Belmondo in 1970, and the 1974 sequel, “Borsalino & Co.,” came out further. Borsalino’s hat became famous.

Borsalino’s hats are stylish, with excellent fabric, mellow colors and ribbons, and are popular with stylish people. Only this brand is now on the luxury line, it is more expensive.

I’ve seen a video of Borsalino’s hat making, and there’s a lot of manual stuff. On the one hand, it’s probably because the machines and equipment and the big factories like Christys,Stetson look like they used to be made of earthen steel-making, but the quality of that stuff is really good.

Famous Hat Brands (1)

Hats were once considered an everyday item, gracing the heads of the aristocracy and working class alike. But as the years passed and the appeal of headwear faded, hatmakers were pushed in a slightly more niche direction.

However, classic styles such as the beret and fedora have seen something of a revival in recent years, putting their founding labels back on the map. Meanwhile, the industry’s current obsession with everything nineties has thrust casual options such as the baseball cap and bucket hat into the limelight, with authentic streetwear brands capitalising on their current popularity.

Yet whether you prefer sophisticated and refined or contemporary and urban, the ten headwear brands below are sure to offer something that suits your needs.

① Lock & Co. Hatter

Lock & Co. Hatters is the world’s oldest hat shop, the world’s 34th oldest family-owned business and is a Royal warrant holder.

Lock & Co. is a Royal warrant holder as Hatter to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Charles, Prince of Wales

The company was founded in 1676 by Robert Davis. His son Charles continued the business and took James Lock (1731–1806) on as an apprentice in 1747. James later married Charles Davis’s only child, Mary. When Davis died in 1759, James Lock inherited the company from his former master, and the Lock family, James’s descendants, still own and run the company today. The shop has been in its current location since 1765.

The brand has a long history, and it will be a long time to introduce it. Chaplin’s Dome hat Bowler, introduced in “the Courage of the Hat,” was the first to come from Lock & Co…

If you get a chance to go to the back of the store, you can see a lot of signed wooden headwear, and many of the famous people you know, like Wang Erde, Churchill and so on, have bought or customized hats at the store. Beau Brummell, the father of modern men’s wear, also enriched his clothing warehouse with Lock’s hat.

Although Lock & Co. has also made headgear for the current Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Kate, and has made a couture (haute millinery). For the female hat since 1993, but mostly traditional male hats, in which winter hats considered the best in the world, have been awarded by Prince Charles and his father, Prince Philip.

② Christys’ London

Christys’ London, an ancient British hat brand founded by Miller Christy in 1773,  Miller Christy founded his own company after his apprenticeship in Edinburgh, the only company in the world that still makes high top hats, beret hat and domed hat in a traditional way.

Compared with Lock & Co. Lock & Co. is a primarily engaged in  the high-end, top-level custom (bespoke) service, small in size and limited in product line. The Christys’ is mainly factory, the product line includes middle to high grade, the scale is much larger, For more than two hundred years, many of Britain’s biggest hat factories have been merged, and it was once the world’s largest in the mid to late 19th century.

Christys has accumulated a large number of hat production experience and many unique technologies over the past 200 years, because of the large production, high quality and lower price, so there are many brands, including luxury brand hats are manufactured by Christys.

Fashion Hat Brands (3)

⑥ Herbert Johnson

Herbert Johnson is a London firm of hatters and cap makers. Founded in 1889 at 45 New Bond Street, the business was bought by the London firm of Swaine Adeney Brigg in 1996.

Herbert Johnson is a subsidiary of the famed umbrella and bag maker Swaine Adeney Brigg, which makes the best of all types of military officers’ hats and primarily offers the highest specifications of custom-made services.

Herbert Johnson is custom-made, and there’s only one finished hat you can buy in the store. The Poet hat, for the movie Indiana Jones, of course, is also called Indy hat.I had tried on the hat, and it was a little strange, but a tall foreigner next to him was wearing a very nice look, and the foreigner was wearing a long dark brown trench coat, which made him look more handsome, and I was envious of it.

⑦ Optimo Hat

Optimo is a hat store in Chicago, USA, owned by Graham Thompson. The hat store was originally called Johnny’s Hat Shop, which is not part of the Thompson, because the original owner, Johnny Tyus, was physically ill and had no heir to take over the hat making skills. So Thompson not only learned the art from Tyus, He also took over the business and moved to Beverly, south of Chicago, a year later, and changed his name to Optimo.

Thompson has always been a blues fan, so Optimo has a lot of Trilby hats for blues singers, with short brims and a nice look.

⑧ Patey Hats

Patey’s history is complicated, and the official website doesn’t understand. Only known that one family from France, dating back to 1695, is dedicated to manufacturing high-hat hats, dome hats, military caps, various hunting hats, mainly jade to measure, and Patey is the supplier of Gurkha Slouch, a British defence department.

On the official website, you can only order the top hat, bowler hat, traditional riding hat and PROtector’s riding helmet, while others such as Fedora and Flat Cap can only be purchased at the store in Ilderton Road, London.

⑨ Wigens

Wigens was founded in Sweden in 1906. The Wigens hat is iconic, mostly striped, and the (Newsboy Cap), made of plaid wool or cashmere fabri, so it c is very easy to recognize.

The Wigens hat is slightly different from the typical British flat-top hat, with an obvious cap tongue, thicker fabric and heavier colors.

⑩ Rachel Trevor-Morgan

    Rachel Trevor-Morgan is a British milliner best known for the hats she creates for the Queen. In 2014, she was granted a Royal Warrant.

Trevor-Morgan began making hats for the Queen in 2006 – initially she was invited to create six sketches for review and then some designs were made. The first of her models was worn by the Queen at her 80th birthday church service at St Paul’s Cathedral. The Queen then chose another of the designer’s hats – a beige shot silk model – for her birthday lunch at the Mansion House – inspiring a Times journalist to note that Trevor-Morgan had now become: “a new recruit to a tight little band of royal headwear designers”.

Since 2006, she has been one of the Queen’s preferred milliners, creating some 60 hats (averaging ten a year) up to 2012. In 2014, Trevor-Morgan was awarded a Royal Warrant.